About Us


As PHI Technology, we believe that life is too short to make things complicated. Think about your homes, the place you spend most of your time... That's where we started and designed our first product 'Ingenious', the ultimate remote control for your home.

As a young startup solely focused on IoT we thrive to create solutions to make our customers life more convenient.

Who we are

Winner of Intel Challenge Turkey 2013, Ingenious Smart Home is a plug and play smart home system which improves its users life quality by giving them an enhanced user experience and also optimizing the energy consumption

We are close to markets

We are a developing tech company located in Istanbul, Turkey. Research & Development is run in Istanbul office, whereas operations are held from Den Haag, Netherlands. We are both near to the dynamic market and quality workforce.

We care about our customers

Ingenios Smart Home is produced with user experience in mind. No necassity for a technical staff for installation required. Likewise, on daily usage, we strive to get the user to engage with our product, too. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to produce only a practical product, but also we build for an enjoyable experience.

We have our Mission

We are tech enthusiastics. We follow latest technologies and advancements, and quickly apply them. We believe we have to adapt to newest practices to stay in competition.